WHM/cPanel Root Access Alert From (US/United States/ash-biz-pro-bir1.imhadmin.net)

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I started getting emails today from my VPS with "WHM/cPanel root access alert from (US/United States/ash-biz-pro-bir1.imhadmin.net)" in the subject and containing:

Time:    Mon Jul 22 17:54:42 2019 -0500
IP: (US/United States/ash-biz-pro-bir1.imhadmin.net)
User:    root

Received 3 email notifications in the last 3 hours.

The IP is inmotionhosting, but it is unclear why this activity is happening and why it is using the root account - very suspicious.  IP blocked until there is an answer.

Chris M
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We're unable to provide account-related information in this public forum. I'd advise contacting live support for proper diagnosis.