htaccess automatically update

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Dear Sir/Madam,

htaccess  file is automatically modified. But we haven't modified any files recently.

# php -- BEGIN cPanel-generated handler, do not edit
# Set the “ea-php72” package as the default “PHP” programming language.
AddHandler application/x-httpd-ea-php72 .php .php7 .phtml
# php -- END cPanel-generated handler, do not edit

Arnel C
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Thanks for the question about the .htaccess file being updated. If you changed the PHP version using the cPanel tool, then a change would be automatically be added to the .htaccess file.  This is normal. 

If you require immediate assistance, then please contact our live technical support team via chat/phone/ticket.

I hope that helps to answer your question.  If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Kindest Regards,

Arnel C.