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​Hello everyone, .

When sending an orginal or replying to an email, it is taking about 30 seconds after clicking on "Send" for the email to actually be sent. All that time, the email appears frozen on the screen. I am very concerned people will start wondering what is wrong and continue to press the "Send" button or back out of the email thereby losing it. This will cause some serious frustration with our users. I am fairly certain this was not occurring when we first started using Webmail, but cannot be certain.

Some one know waht can be to see what this issue might be that is causing this?

Arnel C
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Thanks for your concern about the email being sent.  You should be aware that email is not instantaneous.  It does NOT immediately get sent (from the email server) as there a number of factors that can affect the time of delivery.  Security, scanning, spam detection/prevention, network traffic, distance from the email server, server loads, communication between email servers, size of the message - all of these can have an effect on the delivery time of an email.  And this is true for any email service. All of them have the exact same issues.

Spam is can be a possible factor affecting email delivery. A common tactic for servers to stop spam is to purposely delay the delivery of messages.  This is called graylisting.  Follow the link to learn more about it and how you can stop it, if you suspect your messages are being affected by it.

You can run test messages (with little or no content) to different email servers to see how each service responds.  For example, send a message to Google Mail, Microsoft Mail, and another free service and compare delivery rates to see if they are all affected by the same delivery times.

It may appear at times that email is like a text message or phone call because the response times can be almost immediate. This will happen under optimal (or near optimal) conditions when latency is low and the conditions for mail delivery favor an immediate delivery.

If you believe that your sent email is still being slowed, then you should file a support ticket with our live technical support team.  You should provide an example of an email that is either not delivered or has taken too much time for delivery.  They can then track it in the email server logs and see the exact times that it hits the server and is delivered.

I hope this helps to answer your question. If you need further assistance, please let us know!

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Arnel C.