how can you stay in business running like this

  • Answered
You been in business far to long to not have a better system to keep your customers like me up and running, out of the 7 days i been your customer your server has been down 3 days of the 7, that is almost a 50% failure rate. And not just for a few minutes or hour, no all all all day. You need to have procedures to deal with these issues, even if connectivity problems, fix it. This is not not not exceptable or professional way of running a business, your poor business practices are effecting our business and customers, I had potential investors that were suppose to look at our site, that did not happen as you were down two days strait, so we could have lost potentially 100s of 1000s, and it is making us look stupid as a business. fix it
Hello, We sincerely apologize for the interruption you are experiencing. You can check on the status of the issue at for the latest information. The network operations team is working diligently to correct the issue permanently. Kindest Regards, Scott M