Creating a cPanel account for a Sub-Domain in WHM

  • Answered
I created a new cPanel account in WHM and made the domain for it: I gave it 24 hours to propagate and it still wasn't showing up on the browser. The sub domain still didn't have any records for it.

After adding an A Record on the main domain,, for the, the domain instantly showed up on my browser. So I was just wondering if that step is necessary? Shouldn't it have came up automatically after creating the account in WHM?
Hello, Thank you for your question on DNS records for subdomains on new cPanels. When you create a subdomain on a new cPanel account as opposed to on the same cPanel as the main, the DNS records should be automatically created. I test this as well on my own server and the DNS records auto-created. I was also able to pull up the subdomain in a browser instantly. If this behavior continues, it may be something specific with your account and you would need to contact the Live Support so they can check into that for you. Kindest Regards, Scott M