Softaculous Installations Statistics

Softaculous has many options for filtering types of installations installed or available for installation. If you’re researching what content management systems (CMSs) to email cPanel users about, this can help you prioritize the right software. This article only applies to Managed VPS and Dedicated Hosting servers. Don’t have Softaculous already? Purchase it from AMP to Read More >

Plugin and Theme Sets For Installing WordPress using Softaculous

Softaculous makes installing the WordPress content management system (CMS) easier. Managed VPS and Dedicated server administrators can further ease the “getting started” process with installable plugin and theme sets. This allows cPanel users to install a new WordPress website with groups of plugins and/or themes for specific purposes (e.g. security, optimization, podcasting). Below we’ll cover Read More >

How to Edit Softaculous Email Templates

In this article, we’ll cover how to edit Softaculous email templates from WebHost Manager (WHM). This article only applies to VPS and Dedicated Hosting servers. This allows you to automate providing in-depth information tailored directly to your cPanel users. Don’t have Softaculous already? Purchase it from AMP to save time installing websites in the future. Read More >

How to Disable Softaculous for cPanel Users

Did you recently read our article on ways to secure VPS Hosting and want to harden Softaculous without affecting users’ workflow? Maybe you’ve notified cPanel users to learn how to manage websites without Softaculous, and now you want to disable it shortly before discontinuing your subscription so you have the ability to assist users before Read More >