Why wont my website update?

  • Answered
I am trying to replace what is currently up on my website because I made some design changes. But when I upload the site through Filezilla, and waited 4 days now, no updates have gone live.... I'm wondering why it isnt updating.

Thank you for your help,

Hello JamesE,

The site is displaying pages that were uploaded yesterday at 10:26pm. There are two possible explanations if you are not seeing the changes.

The first is that you may have your site cached (in browser memory). This is to help speed up site performance by your browser. You can clear that memory (cache) and then revisit the page. If that is the issue, then your changes will show.

The other, less probable, explanation is that the changes did not save properly. If you can see the changes in the files on your computer, then that should not be an issue.

The cache issue is the most probable, give that a try and if you are still having issues, please comment below listing some of the changes you are not seeing so we can compare what we are seeing to help troubleshoot further.

Best Regards,
Scott M