ClamAV or ImunifyAV Free – What’s the Best cPanel Antivirus Scanner

Antivirus, anti-virus, AV, or anti-malware scanners protect users from uploading and using malicious data. While your choice of Linux operating system (OS), or distribution (distro), can change the probability for successful cyberattacks, it won’t remove it altogether. There are many free AV scanners for every OS including MalwareBytes, Bitdefender, and SUPERAntiSpyware. In this article, we’ll Read More >

What is Cloud Privacy?


When thinking about privacy on a cloud network a few things come to mind. You may be thinking, how do I keep my data secure? Or how do I keep my network locked down? In this article, we will discuss those things and more.  Cloud Privacy is the concept of keeping your cloud secure and Read More >

What is a Serverless Architecture?


Serverless architecture is one of the most cutting edge and advanced approaches to cloud computing today. With a serverless architecture, you can serve your application or workload literally without servers. Learn how a serverless architecture works and when you might use a serverless architecture. How can you have no servers? Serverless application design Development tools Read More >

Getting a New Perspective with Ansible


Our world is shaped by increasing technical debt and operational complexity, nestled within layers of abstraction to the point where daily life needs documentation and an operating manual. As the operational needs of organizations and individuals march onward toward the next generation of post-hype micro-services, reigning in this complexity has become a Sisyphean task. At Read More >

Shared Hosting Plan Comparison

You know you want to start with one of our Shared Hosting plans, but you’re not sure which plan to purchase to initially establish your web presence. Though you can always upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan, it’s a good idea to choose a plan that you will not quickly outgrow. This article outlines the Read More >