On-Demand Private Cloud Powered by OpenStack General Availability


InMotion Hosting Establishes a New Foothold InMotion Hosting establishes a foothold in the IaaS and Private Cloud markets by announcing the general availability of Flex Metal Cloud IaaS. Flex Metal Cloud offers an On-Demand Private Cloud powered by OpenStack, an open-source infrastructure platform. In this article: On-Demand Private Clouds Made Easily Accessible for Smaller IT Read More >

How to Configure HAProxy Load Balancer

HAProxy load balancer (community edition) is a versatile, customizable solution for building a highly available (HA) cloud infrastructure. Short for “highly available Proxy,” HAProxy is used by a long list of reputable organizations including Fedora, MaxCDN, OpenShift, and Reddit for complex setups. There’s even a pfSense firewall module for HAProxy integration. If Apache load balancer Read More >

How to Create Webmin Backups

Since Webmin is a lesser discussed product, there’s less documentation available on how to secure Webmin servers. The easiest issues to resolve:  SSL configuration (Certbot being one of the easiest options) Automated Antivirus (AV) scanning Webmin Backups Once you log into the Webmin dashboard, there are multiple options to backup data on a Webmin server. Read More >

The Age of Small Tech Enterprise


In this article, you will learn a history lesson of how far Small Tech Enterprises have come through the years and where they are at today. In this article: Small Tech Enterprises Back in the Day Small Tech Enterprises Present Evolution The Future of Enterprise Cloud Small Tech Enterprises Back in the Day Let’s talk Read More >

Why Move from Public Cloud to Private Cloud


Cloud Repatriation is the Choice of Cloud Professionals Public cloud users are finding out that for all their convenience and so-called affordability, they are not suitable for their workloads. Serious work requires serious infrastructure. Private clouds are the perfect solution for experienced cloud professionals who are tired of shocking cloud bills, or disappointing performance from Read More >