Frequently Asked Questions about Sales and Purchases

The below FAQs cover many categories but are not exhaustive for particular situations. If you need additional consultation please sign up, for free and with no obligation, for Flex Metal Central. In Flex Metal Central you will be assigned an Account Manager to help evaluate Flex Metal against your needs.

    • What is Flex Metal Central?

    • Should we have multiple smaller Private Clouds or one large Private Cloud?

    • What APIs are available?

    • Is there a graphical user interface?

    • What is OpenStack?

    • What is Ceph?

    • How many IOPS will I get?

    • Do you offer GPUs?

    • What is the "server to switch" port speeds?

    • What is your overall connectivity?

There are two types of networks that come with your Private Cloud, a private network and a public network. The private network is supplied by OpenStack and consists of a set of routers, switches, and on server switching. This network is run within a set of 5 “hard” VLANs that are exclusively part of your Cloud and terminated only on servers within your project. One of those VLANs is public and the remaining are private. When you set up a Cloud, you must also select public IP space. This subnet will be terminated on your public “hard” VLAN. We recommend, and preconfigure, most of those IPs as “Floating” within OpenStack. This simply means that OpenStack has a pool of public IP addresses that it can allocate when VMs that need public IPs are spun up.

    • OpenStack Security Groups

    • OpenStack Runs VXLAN

    • Provisioning Bare Metal Servers

    • How many resources go to the Control Plane?

    • How are IP Addresses Handled?

    • What is a Control Plane?

    • Is there any shared hardware in our Flex Metal Cloud?

    • How do I give self-service access to different departments or people within my company?

    • Why select a HC Standard vs a HC Small PCC?

    • Why select a 5 server PCC over a 3 server PCC?

    • For Ceph data redundancy, why choose 3 replicas versus 2 replicas or vice-versa?

    • Why do you recommend using less than 100% of a cloud’s resources?

    • How do I add a Flex Metal Cloud as a new Region to my current OpenStack?

    • Do I have access to the OpenStack APIs to automate deployments by using Terraform, Ansible, etc.?

    • What are the options to grow my Compute and/or Storage resources?

    • When should I consider moving from Converged to a Stand-alone Compute and Storage?

    • Can I use the boot drive for data storage or part of a Ceph Pool?

    • I am using a Flex Metal Cloud as part of my Disaster Recovery plan. What do you need to know to be prepared in case we fail over to our Flex Metal Cloud?

    • What are we responsible for versus what are you responsible for?

    • How do I request servers?

    • How do I return servers?

    • How many servers can I use?

    • When should I add more servers?

    • What do you recommend for Disaster Recovery replication or backups?

    • When do we get billed?

    • How much do we pay for bandwidth?

    • Can we set a budget of servers that can be used?

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