Flex Metal Cloud IaaS

Private cloud first Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

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Start Small. Spin up Fast.

Start with a hyper-converged 3
deployment with highly available Management, Networking, Compute and Storage. Provisioned in less than an hour.

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Grow as Needed. Build Custom.

Scale easily to hundreds of servers, thousands of VM's and Petabytes of storage. Span regions. Build custom deployments for specialized workloads.

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Hosted Infrastructure as a Service

The advantages of Flex Metal hosted IaaS

Privacy First

Fully private infrastructure and direct control over your hardware. Access control in your hands only.

Infrastructure Consistency

What you set is what you get. Matched cluster hardware. No surprise spec changes.

Predictable Costs

Transparent predictable pricing. Daily budget limits. No surprise bills or unfair licensing.

Opensource Architecture

Harness the power of OpenStack to build and scale your infrastructure. No vendor lock-in.

Explore Components of Flex Metal Cloud

Delivered on-demand and individually scalable

Powered by OpenStack

Flex Metal's Infrastructure as a Service is available on-demand and powered by one of the most supported and industry accepted open source technologies for IaaS.

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Get Started with Flex Metal Cloud

Sign up for a free Flex Metal Central Account and...

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Get Free Credits for a PoC

Building a Proof of Concept(PoC)? You could qualify to get Free Flex Cloud Credits ranging from $200 to $10,000+.

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Take a Free Test Drive

The fastest way to get familiar with Flex Metal is to take a free test drive of our Hyper-Converged Small Cluster.

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Get a Free Consultation

Discuss your infrastructure requirements with the Flex Metal Cloud Team to get a personalized assessment.

Is Flex Metal Right for Your Company?

Not sure where to get started? Review our comprehensive Sales FAQs for details on the platform, automation, onboarding, and Day 2 Operations. We even cover the benefits of Hosted vs. On-Premise IaaS among other things.